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Cage Liners | C&C 2x4 LinersCage Liners Chinchillas Guinea Pigs C&C

We have all sorts of Cage Carpets and accessories, made especially for you & your Pets. Ever since we developed our range of Chinchilla bedding and BumblePads™, over 10 years ago, we've been inundated with requests and made all sorts of Liners for all sorts of Pets, but due to the myriad of options we've never been able to add them to our website ... until now.

Hand Made To Order

We are busy rebuilding our website, our order book is open so

if you would like to place an order please get in touch :)


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All our Liners are made to custom order unless otherwise indicated in the product description.



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C&C Cage Liners for Guinea Pigs

Our Standard Liners lay flat in the base of your cage and are made from 2 layers of Polar Fleece, with Bamboo Towelling core. Bamboo is recommended for it's absorbent and anti bacterial properties.

For more info please see our
Facebook Page or Email us for a quote

All our Liners are Machine Washable.

Standard Liners
2x3 / 28x42 inches - £20.00
2x4 / 28x56 inches - £26.50
2x5 / 28x70 inches - £33.00

Boxed Liners
2x3 / 28x42 inches - £27.00
2x4 / 28x56 inches - £35.00
2x5 / 28x70 inches - £45.00

Up To
15% Discount
available for Twin Packs + Up!

Example: Twin Pack Standard Cage Liner / 2x5 - £56.00

Free Shipping!


Super Soft Bedding
For Poorly Paws
Exclusive to H❤H

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Facebook or Email
for more Info

BumblePads™ are made of Polar fleece and heavily padded and quilted for extra comfort and to relieve pressure on poorly paws.

Custom Made to Order

  • 2x BumblePads™
    per Pack

Machine Washable

Piggy Bedding Set

SOLD OUT - Back March

One in the Cage
One in the Wash!


Makes Wash Day Easy

Each Pack Contains

  • 2x Standard Liners
    2x4 / 28x56 inches
  • 1x Large Washbag

Chinny Cage Carpets
(formerly Bimble Pads™)
especially for

Contact Us via
Facebook or Email
for more Info

The Chinny Cage Carpet is made from 3 layers of Polar Fleece, sewn and quilted. One corner is cut away to offer a handy Piddle Corner!

  • 2x Cage Carpets
    per Packincludes our unique NibbleDetection™

Machine Washable

Free Shipping!

Piddle Pads Piddle Pads, Drip Catchers, Mini liners

Available in Twin packs only at this time.

Approx 10x6 inches

Twin Pack - £4.50

These absorbent pads are made from fleece and have a towelling core.

They have many uses like laying under Hideys and they make excellent Drip Catchers too, for leaky Water bottles.

Machine Washable

JumboNormous WashBags

This Large Washbag is big enough to comfortably
wash a 2x5 C&C Liner
and more
It's H-U-G-E !


  • approx 100x100cm
  • Boxed base to aid agitation
  • Drawstring Toggle closure
  • It's H-U-G-E !!

Machine Washable

Loft LinersLoft Liners for C&C Cages

Available in Twin Packs only at this time.

1x2 Single - £ 8.00
1x2 Twin Pack - £13.50

Other Sizes Available
Email for Info

Two Loft Liners per pack!
These Liners are made from 2 layers of fleece and a hidden core of Bamboo towelling, just like our best selling Standard C&C Liners.

Machine Washable

Boxed Cage Liners
(Liners with Sides!)
Available to Custom Order

Guinea Pig Cage Liners

Boxed Cage Liners - Prevents Correx Nibbling!!

Free Shipping!

If you would like a custom size, or a different colour or print please contact us for a quote, remember to include the dimensions of your cage base, what type of Pet the Liners are for and how many Pets share the space.

Most Liners are dispatched within 10 days, larger orders can take longer.


Fleece Prints & Colours