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Funds & Funding

We Donate 100% of the proceeds from all Hammocky Sales To Rescues!

Hammocky Hammocks was set up in 2004, and we have been donating 100% of the proceeds from Hammocky sales to Rescue Projects around the UK ever since!

I volunteer my spare time and my skills to keep the whole thing going, and have recently been joined by team member number two who pops in twice a week to collect all the parcels - some would say he has the easier job, but not me ;o) I'm just grateful for every bit of help offered!!

This section will be updated every few months to show the Rescue Centres and Sanctuaries that we have donated to within that time.

In the last few years Hammocky Hammocks has helped:

Chin Up Sanctuary
(North Wales)

Little Brambles Guinea Pig Rescue

R & J Chinchilla Rescue

The Excellent Adventure Sanctuary

Wheek & Squeek Guinea Pig Rescue


If you would like more information about our nominated Rescues, please click on the links above.

We help where we can but this list may chop and change as although we currently offer help to 6 Centres around the UK, the majority of our funds go on Vets Bills, and some months it's good to hear that there just haven't been any!! We also help with the ever present Feed Bills and Housing (cages etc).

If you run a Small Animal Rescue or would like to nominate one for funding please contact us for more details.