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Hammocky Hammocks is a Non-profit Organisation.

We are run by a small team of volunteers and our sole aim is to try and raise a bit of extra dosh for Small Animal Rescue Centres and Sanctuaries around the UK.

If you run a Small Animal Rescue (or know someone that does), have a Trade Enquiry or want to negotiate a discount on a large order, please contact the WhipCracker*.

We don’t run a Rescue, but we do try and help people who do.

We are in the process of updating this part of the site with a more comprehensive breakdown of how we've helped Rescue Centres over the last few years.

In the meantime if you would like more information about the Centres that we help or how the funds work to help them or even who is responsible for this madhouse then click on the links to the left.

*The WhipCracker can usually be found wandering around the dark, gloomy corridors of Hammocky HQ late in the evening ...

Rescues & Sanctuaries
We are able to help with your help

Little Brambles Guinea Pig Rescue

Chin Up Sanctuary
(North Wales)

Wheek & Squeek Guinea Pig Rescue

Monkey World

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